Moving beyond unconscious bias workshop

Hosted by Madonna University - April 2, 2018 (8am to 3pm)

TLG’s Moving Beyond Unconscious Bias - This session picks up where most unconscious bias workshops end. Participants are introduced to TLG’s Anatomy of an Ism and learn the distinctions between bias, stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination and their unique connections to our thoughts and behaviors. This session is consistent with TLG’s curriculum of facilitated workshops in how it invites honest dialogue, self-reflection, and analysis. Time and time again participants report leaving TLG’s Moving Beyond Unconscious Bias session with a clearer understanding of how to change behaviors to improve diversity, inclusion, and engagement.

Why it’s time to move beyond unconscious bias:

  • Little to no researched evidence that bias awareness facilitates behavioral change.
  • The effectiveness of unconscious bias training is controversial and anecdotal at best.
  • Unconscious bias education, educates you about unconscious bias and you need something more, something different, and something effective.

Your Goal - As leaders in your organization, your goal is to encourage, support and model behaviors that reflect the mission, vision and purpose of your organization.

Our Process:

  • Educate - to achieve a clear understanding of terminology
  • Engage - in dialogue that informs and empowers
  • Examine - ineffective and effective behavioral patterns
  • Exit - with a strategy that moves you beyond theory to executable behaviors

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Hosted by Farm Credit New Mexico | April 8(10am to 5pm) and April 9(8:30am to 4pm), 2019

Crucial Conversations™ The Learner’s Group is certified to offer this highly acclaimed facilitated Vital Smarts™ training program. Crucial Conversations™ is designed to empower individuals at all levels of leadership to be actively engaged in outcomes by addressing challenging situations and developing salient resolutions that enhance teamwork and increase productivity.

A Crucial Conversation is when high stakes, opposing views, and strong emotions converge. Do you remember the last time you had a conversation that had these characteristics? Who was it with? What was it about? How comfortable or confident did you feel about your ability to have this conversation without diminishing the relationship?

Whether it’s diversity-related issue, or a problem involving a customer, poor quality, reduced time-to-market, declining customer satisfaction or a strained relationship, top performers talk openly and honestly to drive results. They embrace controversial and heated issues and calmly and professionally discuss them in a way that makes it safe for everyone to speak. As a result, people share their best ideas, make wise choices, and enable others to act with conviction. 

Location: Farm Credit New Mexico | 5651 Balloon Fiesta Parkway, NE | Albuquerque, NM 87113

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