About TLG

The Learner’s Group (TLG) has been in existence since April 1996; however, its founder and CEO Rodney Patterson, brings more than 30-years of experience operating in the D & I, Race and Racism, and Engagement space as both an educator and practitioner. TLG has established itself as a consulting firm that helps leaders understand the relationship of diversity and inclusion to engagement. By viewing D & I as an integral part of an organization’s growth and sustainability, leaders and individual contributors are empowered and equipped to collaborate on addressing issues related to culture.  

Whether a client’s concerns are directly related to people, policies, practices, procedures or principles, we provide the insight, guidance, and support to help leaders implement sustainable strategies designed to positively affect culture. We do this by helping leaders develop the skills necessary to influence their most treasured assets, their people, toward achieving organizational goals. TLG understands that transformation is best when powered by the individual’s desire to demonstrate discretionary effort. We remind and reinforce the fact that: Engagement is everybody’s business.