TLG Solutions

Salient Solutions

The Learner’s Group offers an intentional, strategic and comprehensive approach to advancing diversity, inclusion, and engagement by assessing previous and current initiatives and results. TLG works closely with clients to develop solution-based recommendations that address lingering or systemic problems. We don’t sell products and services; we offer salient solutions. We customize our assessments and tailor our workshops to address the specific needs of the client. We practice what we preach, which translates to providing each client with a level of discretionary effort that, we believe, sets us apart. 

We don’t sell products and services; we offer salient solutions.


TLG believes, when an organization gets engagement right, diversity will take care of itself. How? When an employee from a previously disconnected, disengaged and even disgruntled population becomes fully engaged or re-engaged he or she is apt to be more productive, primed to become an ambassador for the organization and likely to invite people who “look like him or her” to come and work for the organization.


We also believe employers should have a strategy for getting rid of disengagement instead of getting rid of the disengaged. Why? We think it is worth investigating how a person goes from sought-after candidate to engaged employee and transforms into a potential termination. We help clients understand the benefits of investing resources to regain trust, re-engaging and retaining talent while addressing and eliminating the disruptive behaviors.



TLG’s skilled facilitators have developed a unique and effective method for gathering quantitative and qualitative data, combining technology with their skill for asking relevant questions and a learned ability to listen. Attendees engage at a higher level, and their participation results in more in-depth more salient discussion. Our process provides clients with the most informative, current, and authentic focus group results possible.

Methodology Framework

While we do have a list of topics and presentations to choose from,  we intentionally refrain from the often used piece-mail or ala carte approach. TLG’s method to helping clients devise solutions, is intentional, strategic, and comprehensive. Our process is consistent, teachable, scaleable and successful at helping  leadership teams and individual contributors identify needed change and create strategies for healthy transformation.

Learning & Development

TLG’s approach to learning and development mirrors higher education by using a curricular style to offering workshops. We design many of our offerings in a way that allows participants to progress from one level of engaged learning to the next level. This process reinforces what participants have learned previously while providing a consistency that enhances their ability to retain useful and relevant information. Read more...